“…Call me bitch between the sheets…”


A malicious or spiteful woman

To be lud or amoral

A classification of women as nothing more than dogs in heat

Packs of bleeding wolves’ right for the taking

Bitch is worse than whore

Rather be over sexualised than out spoken

He said I had too many opinions

That my mother forgot to teach me young women

Must earn the right to speak them

He said I better soften my skin

Until the word bitch can crack me

Bitch is the epithet thrown at me

When I don’t fit in any of the boxes

When I break the rules of being a lady

When I scare you

When I am not in my place

Bitch is the five letters slapped to put me in my place

A five letter caged to keep me confined

And exampled to all women


Beware of the bitch



Spread your legs before opening your mouth

Keep ideas to yourself but your body fresh meat

Call me bitch between the sheets

Men use this word when it is convenient

When it is sexy

When it is skin tight and fitted

Men should not act like a bitch

Bitch is timid

Bitch is weak

Bitch is inherently female

Bitch can be pushed over



Bitch is given to women as defence

A weapon we use against our own

Retribution for the wounds it has left us with

I’ve been called a bitch to destroy any strength I had left

We give these five letters the power of destruction

An unclipped grenade weighting heavy on our tongues

I have never seen anger leave such a smooth cut

A bitch knows this war cannot be won with more female blood shed

A bitch knows the power in this word

The damage it can do

The damage it has already done

Does it make me a bitch if I am forceful?

If I am strong?

If my bark ravages worse than my bite?

If I speak before spoken to?

I have never been good at keeping my mouth shut

I will not keep my mouth shut

A bitch knows her voice

Knows how to howl with a wolf pack in her throat

A bitch is honest

A bitch doesn’t follow the rules

Demands to know who wrote them

Rules are weak

Rules are prey

I am alpha female

I am fur on fire

I am roaring to a NATO

Combusting misogynist and mountains to dust

Crushed bones and gutted

Patriarchy carcass

We bleed to survive

You bleed to keep up

And yes I do kiss my mother with this mouth

Who do you think taught me how to say no?

To sharpen my teeth

Prepared me for war

I’ve got binders

Full of bitches

Bitches who want their 23 senses back

Bitches with centuries of trauma being written out of our wounds

The carnage women inherit

Life lines in our palms

As mass graves for this massacre

We are birds in blood bath

Bitches will not drown silently

You cannot make my flesh something I have already branded myself

Women have been waiting

Bitch is impatient

Bitch is teeth bared and growling

Bitch is starving

Bitch will hunt you out, run you

Suck the marrow out of your bones

Feed you to her children

Sharpen our voices until you can hear us

Tick in our skin when you use the word against us

As if it could stop us

Bitch is the least you are losing your grip on

My voice does not belong to you

My body does not belong to you

Bitch does not belong to you

I do not belong to you




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